A Way Forward

2020 has shaken our lives at an unprecedented dimension. Humans are designed to grow through adversity, but how do we seize this moment? How do we make our way toward a positive outcome? More Than Pretty author Maaria Mozaffar says we need to create a collective home base where we can deliberate and learn to be better together. This moment is calling on our most courageous selves to move forward and rise to a higher elevation than before.

In her new digital series, A Way Forward, Maaria features one-on-one, impactful conversations that inspire us to face reflective moments in our daily lives. Maaria leads us through uncomfortable territories where we might feel safe but stuck. These conversations help us see possibilities where we feel that there are none… modeling how we can disagree without descending into disrespect when our focus is the humanity we share. Through each of her roles as a mediator, civil rights attorney, policy drafter, motivational speaker, mom of three, wife, daughter, sister, triathlete, and now host, Maaria is committed to progress. In this new digital series, she helps us find A Way Forward.


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Episode 03: The Trouble w/ TikTok

With 1 billion active users across 155 countries, TikTok has become one of the most popular apps in the...

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Episode 02: Bollywood’s sexualization of women

Bollywood has had an immense impact on the culture of India and all who enjoy its movies. It’s also...

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Episode 01: Eliminating the language of race

In this first episode, Maaria has a very candid conversation with internationally known educator and anti-racism activist, Jane Elliott.

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