As a civil rights attorney, mediator and legislative consultant, I see firsthand the power of laws. My mission is to show people how to take control of their lives through the legal and legislative process that our society is built on. Laws undeniably reflect the moral code of a community. I don’t just want to talk about unjust laws, I want to help others understand the process of developing and writing legislation that creates long-term solutions.

The most vulnerable individuals in our communities deserve advocacy, and it is by their success that we should be judged. However, before we can tackle the task of empowering others, we must be sure of the person we are. Movements of any kind can go dangerously off course if individuals aren’t sure of their convictions and what they’re fighting for.

It’s with that in mind that I started The Skinless Project, which provides role models of empowerment, and More Than Pretty, a book that serves as a guide to finding your purpose.

To propel the conversation forward, I organize townhalls with community leaders and partner organizations on urgent issues such as (but not limited to): human rights, unconstitutional legislations and community relations. The purpose is to develop calls to action for policy reform. If you are interested in being a partner in this work, please contact me at maariamozaffar@gmail.com.